Start Losing Weight With the Divided Plate Plan

If you are feeling motivated and you are ready to start losing weight then you will want to start with an easy and effective eating plan. This record introduces you to a straightforward method called the divided plate plan. When you learn how to use this you give yourself the trust of knowing that you are eating the right foods in the right amounts with a quick glimpse at your plate.

Start losing weight


To divide your plate all you need to do is grab a normal size dinner plate and draw an imaginary line that divides the plate in two equal halves. Fill one half of your plate with vegetables or salad and then draw a second imaginary line through the remaining half of your plate. On one side add a protein selection that is practically the size and thickness of your palm and on the other side add a carbohydrates selection that is about the size of your cupped hand.

Start Losing Weight With the Divided Plate Plan

When your plate is filled you know that you have a balanced and healthy meal that automatically controls the whole of calories you will be consuming.

This has many advantages. First it is convenient because this rule never changes either you are at home eating alone or out at a noisy party with lots of distractions.

Another advantage is that it allows you to create a healthy eating plan without a lot of thought. A qoute with counting calories or measuring food portions is that it locks your focus on the one thing you are trying to stop focusing on and that is food. With the divided plate rule you can start losing weight the right way without the hassles.

Start Losing Weight With the Divided Plate Plan


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